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How to Cope Effectively with the Stress in Life

As far as my experience with the problem of the stress in life, the effective cure for rests with the following major steps

One step is to set my priorities. Whenever i feel any undue stress i building up in my life, i tend to write down a list of things to accomplish, with he most pressing at the top; and meanwhile allow more time than i think i will need for each job, with enough breathing room to handle emergencies or rearrange priorities as circumstances change. Another step is to know when to say no. My experience has led me to recognize that if we are too busy doing too many chores or too obliging to others to say no to any of their requests, we may never get round to the important activities that give us genuine satisfaction. And the most important step is to learn to ask for help. In the past, I used to seek no aid because i regarded it as a lack of ability to reach out for help. But now i have come to realize that there are always some parts of our life over which we have little or no control and that, By both asking for and offering help, we can strengthen personal relationships and lighten each other’s load

If you feel overwhelmed with the problem of stress, therefore, you might as well try the above and may be surprised to find the same holds true for you



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