Linux       Sep 02, 2018   

1.  Go to this page and download "Driver Install Tool" Unzip the downloaded file. $ gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-*.gz 2. Change to root user  ... Read more

     Linux       Mar 10, 2018   

It seems there is no official Linux driver for TP-Link T9E AC1900 fromTp-Link website. However, you can install Broadcom driver for this model. On Ubun  ... Read more

     LinuxVim       Oct 23, 2017   

When editing a html file in vim, the http links are automatically underlined by default. To disable it do the following. $cp /usr/share/vim/vim72/synta  ... Read more

     Linux       Oct 23, 2017   

Sometimes I need to copy files from my windows laptop to my Linux server.  One easy way to do is to use pscp. pscp is an SCP client which can run on W  ... Read more

     Linux       Aug 06, 2017   

~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc file # # wm independent hotkeys # # terminal emulator alt + Return gnome-terminal # program launcher alt + space dme  ... Read more

     Linux       Aug 06, 2017   

Follow the instructions descibed in bspwm for dummies and to install bspwm. Install dmenu. sudo apt-get ins  ... Read more

     Linux       Apr 28, 2017   

imagemagick software suite is used to processing images on Linux. It can be used to capture screen as well. $ sudo aptitude install imagemagick To ca  ... Read more

     Linux       Mar 23, 2017   

On Linux system, ports below 1024 are reserved for programs with root privilege. There are several ways to allow regular users to bind these privileged  ... Read more

     LinuxVirtualBox       Mar 14, 2017   

In Virtualbox guest, open setting->network setting->port forwarding, Add a new Rule: change the "Host port" to the port you want to use as forwarding,  ... Read more